End of an Era is approaching

I'm having a bad morning. My ex is going to be out of my house this Friday, Christmas Eve. I should be happy that he is finally leaving but all I can feel is sadness. It's going to be official - we're not together. We haven't been 'together' since October but physically and emotionally it's like we have been. It'll be an end of a era and I'm so scared of how I'm going to deal with it.

I'm a sucker for a horoscope and this one did make me feel somewhat better about the situation...


The Lunar Eclipse speaks of release. Something that's been stuck can move on. Something that's been repressed can be set free. Something that's been hidden can come to light. None of this needs to be a problem. Don't think of someone finding and opening a present too early... or of some dreadful secret getting out and spoiling everyone's Christmas... think of discoveries, revelations, inspiring new ways to move on and escapes from tedious situations. A great new idea could yet transform your festive season.

Gorillaz concert - I now feel musically fulfilled...

I saw Gorillaz last Thursday night and I will say without any doubt that it was the GREATEST concert of my life!! And I have seen a lot of concerts in my 24 years on this earth.

One of the main reasons why I feel so musically fulfilled is because I finally got to experience Damon Albarn singing live. I've been a long long long time fan of Blur (Damon was the lead singer) who were slightly a bit before my time and never got the pleasure of seeing them live. Damon is the co-creator of Gorillaz (see my previous post) so the thought of seeing him live was too good to miss. And i absolutely love Gorillaz so it was a win win situtation.

And boy did they put on a show!! From the 1st minute to the last minute they entertained like I've never seen before. Visually the show was amazing, constant video/stories of all the 4 'cartoon members' of the band on a huge screen. They performed songs from all 3 albums and the playlist was perfect.
There was so much going on on stage, guest performers, big bands with trumpets, violins - everything!! And then there was Damon....well he wasn't voted 4th greatest frontman of all time for nothing!! He was unbelievably mesmerising.

I will upload photos ASAP.

So the rumours are true...

I heard a rumour around the grapevine that my work (Star City Casino) will be sponsering South Sydney Rabbitohs (my team!) next year....thanks to Daily Telegraph, Russell Crowe and Oprah I can confirm that these rumours are true (check out the Star City logo) So excited! Interested to see if we reap in any benefits as we own a couple of the Corporate boxes at ANZ Stadium and have received free tickets before. Maybe next year I can share a box with Rusty!


Less is more...

fear less, hope more
eat less, chew more
whine less, breathe more
talk less, say more
hate less, love more
and good things will be yours...

Absolutely stunning! UK Vogue Astrology shoot

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