Gorillaz concert - I now feel musically fulfilled...

I saw Gorillaz last Thursday night and I will say without any doubt that it was the GREATEST concert of my life!! And I have seen a lot of concerts in my 24 years on this earth.

One of the main reasons why I feel so musically fulfilled is because I finally got to experience Damon Albarn singing live. I've been a long long long time fan of Blur (Damon was the lead singer) who were slightly a bit before my time and never got the pleasure of seeing them live. Damon is the co-creator of Gorillaz (see my previous post) so the thought of seeing him live was too good to miss. And i absolutely love Gorillaz so it was a win win situtation.

And boy did they put on a show!! From the 1st minute to the last minute they entertained like I've never seen before. Visually the show was amazing, constant video/stories of all the 4 'cartoon members' of the band on a huge screen. They performed songs from all 3 albums and the playlist was perfect.
There was so much going on on stage, guest performers, big bands with trumpets, violins - everything!! And then there was Damon....well he wasn't voted 4th greatest frontman of all time for nothing!! He was unbelievably mesmerising.

I will upload photos ASAP.


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