End of an Era is approaching

I'm having a bad morning. My ex is going to be out of my house this Friday, Christmas Eve. I should be happy that he is finally leaving but all I can feel is sadness. It's going to be official - we're not together. We haven't been 'together' since October but physically and emotionally it's like we have been. It'll be an end of a era and I'm so scared of how I'm going to deal with it.

I'm a sucker for a horoscope and this one did make me feel somewhat better about the situation...


The Lunar Eclipse speaks of release. Something that's been stuck can move on. Something that's been repressed can be set free. Something that's been hidden can come to light. None of this needs to be a problem. Don't think of someone finding and opening a present too early... or of some dreadful secret getting out and spoiling everyone's Christmas... think of discoveries, revelations, inspiring new ways to move on and escapes from tedious situations. A great new idea could yet transform your festive season.


Rachel said...

Hope you're doing ok xx

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