You got mail!

I love getting home and finding packages waiting for me. Yesterday I received in the mail...

Parlux 3500 in ionic blue

Bought this from ry.com.au. I need a good compact hair dryer for my trip and have been wanting a Parlux ages! Used it this morning and it seriously took half the time as it normally does! Win!! Love the colour too!

Moroccan Oil 25ml

Another product I've been wanting for ages. Only got the travel size as I don't want to be lugging 100ml of this across America. I've heard so many great reviews on this on the Vogue forum and really excited to see if it'll work on my hair which needs some TLC. I also purchased this from ry.com.au - delivery only took about 4 days which was fast!

Dr Lewinns Revitanail - $19.95

I didn't buy this online but in Myer. Whilst overseas (is that all I'm ever thinking about? Yes!) I want to keep my nails in tip top condition and saw great reviews on this, once again on the Vogue forum. The directions say to apply a thin layer once a day for 4 days. Remove and repeat for treatment 3 times. Allow nails to rest for 1-2 weeks in between treatments.
After using this for only 3 days I can already feel that my nails are stronger and aren't as brittle anymore. Win again!!



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